Comfort Tobacco

My Dad, circa 1942

Comfort food is that category of food we all can retreat to during times of stress or other adversity. No two persons have the same list of such foods, of course, but we all know what the term means and why.

I think pipe tobacco blends can be similarly described as comfort tobacco. When I just want to relax and not have to deal with complexity, bite, burn, or nic-hits, I seek comfort in one of a number of blends. Top of my list these days is Prince Albert, which has been around for over 110 years. Exactly what’s in it I cannot say. says it’s burley and Cavendish without flavoring. Others say it is flavored. Still others say Virginia and Turkish lurk in the blend. I don’t know. What I do know is that Prince Albert has the pleasant burley taste I identify with plain honest tobacco. It’s mildly sweet and nutty in a way that does not suggest artificial flavoring. I assume the room note is not off-putting.

I’ve been breaking in two Chris Morgan Bones pipes with it, leading me to the conviction that Prince Albert is a fine way to start the morning. Good stuff. It never lets me down.

You can find it in 1.5oz pouches (including six-pouch packs), 14oz plastic tubs (no longer in cans), and bulk. It’s a great buy. It’s easily found online, and my local Walmart carries it.

I recommend it.

PS: My enjoyment of Prince Albert has prompted me to undertake a personal challenge. I’ll be away for a few days later this month, so I’ve decided to take only one tobacco with me: Prince Albert. (I usually pack several.) I’ll bring along a couple of briars, a meerschaum, and a corn cob, most likely the Charles Town Cobbler. We’ll see how it goes.

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