2 thoughts on “New Video: Good and Bad Aromatics

  1. I enjoyed your video and liked the analogy with coffee, it’s a good one. As you know, coffee is an acquired taste much like tobacco. However I have a theory as to why aeromatics seem to sell so well. It’s not because they are to die for, rather it’s because they are mostly terrible. My theory proposes that aeromatics outsell other blends due to much of it being tossed out. That may sound harsh but, please allow me to explain. I think most would enjoy a little flavor in their pipe but, few aeromatics deliver and most are a great disappointment. Hence the disappointing aeromatics are quickly thrown out to fertilizer lawn or garden and a new endeavor is undertaken to search out the “Holy Grail” of aeromatics. So you see, aeromatics are big sellers but, not for the reasons that most believe.

    It’s a theory anyway and I’m sticking with it.

    Happy piping!


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