What We Bring to the Table


We’ve all experienced this: one day a particular pipe or tobacco is pure heaven, the next day, not so much. What’s going on? I’m convinced that pipe-smoking, like so much else, is a combination of objective and subjective factors. The pipe and tobacco may be the same day to day (although not necessarily — moisture can fluctuate), but we individually are not. A pipe-smoking experience can be shaped not only by the external factors but by internal ones as well, such as our mood; what kind of day we just had; how long ago we’ve eaten; what we ate; how much or little rest we got; how the weather makes us feel; what are we expecting for tomorrow; and on and on.

We bring a lot to the table each time, so don’t be discouraged by a less-than-perfect smoke. And don’t think about trashing that tobacco or pipe. Relax. There’s always next time.

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