“Chew the Smoke”


That’s a phrase Greg Pease of G. L. Pease Artisanal Tobaccos used a few years ago in an interview with Brian Levine on The Pipes Magazine Radio Show (episode 33). It captures something important. To get the fullest flavor of a tobacco, it helps to roll the smoke around so that it hits all taste buds, including those on the underside of the tongue. The idea is to engage the full palate. In doing so, you will move your jaw a bit, resembling chewing. (This need not be really obvious to those around you.) I think this is what Greg has in mind. It reminds me of what wine aficionados do when they swirl wine around in their mouths.

Give it try, and see if it doesn’t make your tobacco more flavorful.

2 thoughts on ““Chew the Smoke”

  1. One thing I’ve found to be, that many do not discuss, is going from puffing to sipping. When I puff hard and then resort to sipping I can tell the difference in nuances. While sipping does give one the most nuances, an occasional strong puff reveals a different dimension to the flavor, especially when you revert to sipping. This along with rolling the smoke in the mouth and the occasional retrohale really gives one a complete profile of the tobacco you are smoking. Great tip for the day!!! I’ll be chewing regularly.


  2. I agree with you. Another thing to add is the breath method, where you gently push the smoke back through the stem, rather than letting it leave your mouth, and then bring it back again. That can intensify the flavor.


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