Dirty Money

Paddy Chayevsky

A thought prompted by Rick Newcombe’s excellent book In Search of Pipe Dreams:

The anti-tobacco movement should adamantly oppose all taxes on tobacco and its accouterments because the thought of using such “dirty money” to fund their cherished government schemes ought to be repugnant to them.

3 thoughts on “Dirty Money

  1. The purpose of tobacco taxes is not to fund the government. Rather, they are Pigouvian taxes, meant to alter the demand curve for tobacco products.

    Pipe tobacco hobbyists are collateral damage in the public health struggle against cigarette smoking. Unfortunately, many cigarette tobacco manufacturers have attempted to make an end-run around Pigouvian taxes on cigarettes and cigarette tobacco by labeling their products as “pipe tobacco,” obliging well-meaning members of government to tax pipe tobacco more heavily to accomplish their goals.


    1. The purpose may not be to fund government, but government doesn’t place tobacco taxes in a virtual box for safe keeping. It’s like saying “Because the Social Security Act invokes the idea of the General Welfare, to give it a nice constitutional “ring”, make the Social Security Act Constitutional.” Those tobacco taxes still become revenue.


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