First Impressions


I want to report favorable first impressions of C&D Epiphany and Sutliff No. 150 Mark Twain, the two bulk tobaccos I picked up at shops during my road trip. Epiphany was inspired by what Albert Einstein smoked, Revelation. From

We have a delightful new light English blend called Epiphany. Epiphany is reminiscent of the original Revelation blend that was said to be the favorite of a certain reknowned thinker named Einstein. Epiphany is another classic Tarler/Runowski blend of Va, Burleys, Latakia and Perique in perfect balance and harmony.

Notes: Reminiscent of old original Philip Morris – Revelation (not the House of Windsor version).

The site also says it has a citrus flavoring, but this is extremely light if present at all. Some Virginias can taste citrusy.

Regarding Mark Twain, says:

A new pipe tobacco from A&C Peterson designed with Mark Twain in mind. Made with selected choice tobaccos, this blend has a striking, rich aroma. A wonderful Danish style aromatic, with great taste and no bite.

Notes: Now made by the Sutliff Tobacco Company under their banner as per Smoking Pipes website: “Previously known as an A&C Peterson blend, No.150 Mark Twain now flies under the Sutliff banner. A Danish-style aromatic, this mix of black Cavendish, Burley, and Virginia is known for its creamy aromatic flavors and mild strength, making for an easy smoke and a pleasing room note.

These are aromatics at their best, by which I mean the hint of flavor in no way masks the taste of the decent tobaccos.

UPDATE April 28: I’m finding Mark Twain a tad on the mild side but still pleasant.

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