Habana House

Albert Einstein

The next stop on my Greater Austin Tobacco Tour was Habana House in North Austin. (There’s a second store in South Austin.) This is a beautiful place with a humungous walk-in humidor and lots of comfortable seating. To the immediate right of the entrance are enticing shelves with many bulk and tinned tobacco, including some of the greats from McClelland, Dunhill, Cornell & Diehl, GL Pease, BriarWorks (blended by C&D), and more. After smoking a cigar and wandering around, I bought an ounce of C&D Epiphany, which is a match for what Albert Einstein is said to have smoked: Revelation. I didn’t stay long enough to smoke a bowl of it, but I will when I get home in a few days. Habana House also has a small, but high-quality pipe selection, featuring, among others, beautiful Savinellis and Petersons.

The tobacconist on duty, a nice guy, was not a pipe man, so my chat was brief. I’ll have to return to the shop on my next visit to the city.

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