A Visit to Pipe World

You gotta love a store with that name. It’s in Austin (and Round Rock), Texas, and the folks there are friendly and knowledgeable. It also has a very good selection of pipes and bulk and tinned tobacco.

After browsing the Petersons and Savinellis, I moved on to the tobacco. One of the helpful tobacconists and I got to talking about Peter Heinrichs Dark Strong Flake. I’d never tried it, but I mentioned that I found the similar Orlik Dark Strong Kentucky too sweet for my taste. “Do you have a pipe?” he asked. “Do I have a pipe?” I responded, pulling out a case from my jacket. “I have two — three if you count this,” producing my four-inch Elizabethan clay. “Have a bowl,” he said.

I loaded my Missouri Meerschaum Dagner Poker with the Heinrichs and began to puff. Yes, this was the second deviation from my Prince Albert-only rule. (I invoked the visiting-a pipe-shop exception.)

My reaction was favorable. The Heinrichd was much less sweeter than the Orlik and therefore much tastier. I was sorry that the smallest quantity available from Heinrichs, however, is 100 grams.

So instead of buying a tin then, I went for the Escudo I saw on display. I’ve been meaning to buy this blend for some time.

I told the tobacconist I was smoking Prince Albert on my trip, and he said he had not tried it. So I pulled out my pouch and offered him a bowl-full.

I’ll surely be back at Pipe World on my next visit to Austin.

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