Aroma and Memory

Donald “Duck” Dunn

Aromas have a marvelous, almost magical power to evoke memories. Tobacco aromas are no exception. Perhaps they have an even stronger power than other aromas to summon pleasant recollections. How many people think of a beloved father or grandfather when they get a whiff?

I’ve noticed lately that whenever I smoke Dunhill Nightcap or My Mixture 965, I instantly recall my days as a late-high-school and early college student in the 1960s and ’70s. I spent those summers working for a title-insurance company, searching property titles in Philadelphia’s City Hall. During my lunch “hours” I  hung out at center-city Philly’s great old tobacco shops, sampling bulk blends. This is when I first tasted latakia, which I found exotic and enticing. I don’t know what those blends were: maybe they were custom made by the local tobacconists; maybe they were bulk versions of famous tinned tobaccos. All I know is that when I smoke those Dunhills today, they bring back fond memories of those days.

And they make me smile.

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